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The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey (2QZ)

The 2QZ is Finished!
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About the Survey
Before jumping into all the finer details of the survey, a brief non-astronomer's guide to redshift surveys is available. See also our brief summary of 2QZ basics.

We are using the AAT Two-Degree Field (2dF) to obtain redshifts for > 25000 B < 21 QSOs in two 75° × 5° declination strips in the South Galactic Pole and in an equatorial region at the North Galactic cap. The primary scientific aims of the QSO survey are: (1) to obtain the primordial fluctuation power spectrum out to COBE scales, (2) to determine the rate of QSO clustering evolution in the non-linear and linear regimes and hence obtain new limits on the value of Omega_0 and the bias parameter, (3) to apply a powerful geometric method to measure Lambda.

A more detailed discussion of the above paragraph is available.

2QZ Basics
Spectroscopic Data Release
Photometric (UBR) Data Release
Survey Progress Report
The Input Catalogue
The Survey Team

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